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Saturday, July 27, 2013


hey guys.. UNIQUE is the first word come into my mind when I saw those amazing accessories of Tevin Vincent. I love the way he combine the color and texture and that skull! WOOOH!!! It gives you statement to your look. You want to see more great stuff of Tevin Vincent? so you really have to check it out his website www.tevin-vincent.com  :)

xx liam

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


HEY everyone! I'm Liam Estela, a 19 year old boy living in the Philippines. I'm obsessed with fashion and styling. I want to be the next Rachel Zoe and Michael Cinco. I'm not a party boy or something. I prefer to stay home, make my own clothes, listen to good music or watch great movie.

Growing up, I was exposed to many fields of art.First and foremost, I love fashion and clothes, I also enjoy photography, sewing, drawing, sketching, modeling, dancing and singing. I started customizing clothes all by my self, so I can wear the clothes made by me, with my own style. It can identify my style because of that.

I really enjoy fashion, I love putting outfits together and playing around with colors and textures. I also love photography. I'm not to good at it now but I hove to get better. I don't really have a set of style, I just wear what I want, when i want, and have my moods because If my mood is ok, my look is ok too.

I inspired everyday when I witness a confident person walk by, owning what they're wearing. It's people who can be comfortable in their own skin who inspire me to be unique, original and comfortable in mine. I don't care that much about trends. When I get to wearing a something, Its very natural. If you feel out place in your outfit , then you will look awkward.

Fashion can express your personality. It is important because It's how you present yourself to the world. Fashion is fun, but its also important to remember that its a luxury. We could easily survive on the most basic of basic. Wear your clothes, don't let your clothes wear you. :)

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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hey everyone! I'm Liam Estela from the Philippines. This is my first time to create a blog. And I'm so happy and thankful to all of my friends especially to Henna Lovina https://twitter.com/hennalovina Charlene Admana https://twitter.com/charleneadmana and Ivy Jean Madrona https://twitter.com/yhatzjeske who supported me and guided me to do this blog. Love you guys :))

Hopefully this blog help you to your fashion, style, and to your everyday lives.

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Thanks you !

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